Empathy for Inclusion

“When we practice loving kindness and compassion we are the first ones to profit.” -Rumi-


Transform Your Workplace with the Power of Empathy

Are you ready to take your DEI efforts to the next level? Look no further than our Amplify Empathy programs, a comprehensive annual solution designed to help you build a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace. 

Starting with a VR workshop, our program combines cutting-edge technology with scientific research to provide you with the tools and support you need to drive real change. Along with group coaching and access to our online DEI Academy, you’ll be equipped with everything from a facilitator training to a VR headset, card decks, and more. 

With our program, you’ll be able to:

  • Kick-off your DEI journey with a powerful VR workshop
  • Learn and grow with group coaching and interactive DEI conversations
  • Embed the program in your organization with facilitator training
  • Access our comprehensive start kit, including a VR headset, card decks, DEI action board, and more
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals committed to making a difference
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to Amplify Empathy in your workplace. Join our annual program today and start creating a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment for all!”
How do we work?

Start with the Empathy for inclusion workshop

The Empathy for Inclusion workshop is an interactive workshop to challenge (self) leaders to (re)activate empathy by providing them with tools to strengthen diversity, equality, and inclusion from within.

This workshop is a good basis for your organization to get a taste of what the annual program entails.

Ingredients of the workshop:

  • interactive online VR training
  • group size maximum 10 people
  • 3.5 hour interactive session
  • micro-actions to create a more inclusive environment.
  • 2 facilitators

Programs for teams and leaders


  • Access to the online DIG academy
  • Card set English individual
  • Card set English team
  • Toolbox including recruiting
  • VR headsets pre-installed
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equality action board
  • Licenses

What DIG challenge(s) do you have? Choose your module(s) and appropriate solution(s).

We work together with the following organizations:​

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