Episode 102: Changing Behavior With VR

“Keep listening. Definitely keep listening, keep trying. But it is what you’re saying, it’s our goal to help people change their behavior. And if we want to help people change their behavior, we have to show them how and we have to seduce them. If we force people to change, it will be much harder. But what if we seduce people to change, to show them what it’s worth for them to change? That’s much more interesting. And people are far more willing to do that. Instead of forcing people like, “You need to change.” And you’re like, “Okay, I’m going to do it because you want it.” But how about I want to do this because I want it myself?” –Anita Abaisa

In this episode of Control the Room, I had the pleasure of speaking with Anita Abaisa about her experience making a greater impact using VR in her DEI training programs.  She shares how using the technology in her training compares to the participants that don’t.  Later, Anita explains why taking little steps is the key to behavior change.  We then discuss the importance of showing people how to change.   Listen in for more inspiration in how to support and engage teams to stop talent from changing jobs.  

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